Lisa Jubilee Nutrition specializes in holistic nutrition, offering counseling and ongoing support in areas such as weight management, autoimmune conditions and high fat/low carb lifestyles

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Every single cell in your body must rely on what you ingest in order to perform vital functions such as growth, replication, nutrient absorption and repair. Not making healthful, conscious food and eating decisions is the most dramatic mistake you can make for sustaining optimal health.  The human body is extremely complex, yet resilient, so even if your health is currently compromised in some way, choosing to improve how you eat, think and move is never too late.

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The Every Day, Anytime Cookie

Anyone who's made an attempt to lose weight knows how challenging it can be to muster up will power week after week to stay on their regimen without indulging in a scrumptious sweet treat. And if you do, guilt usually follows. Well, imagine if there was a cookie that actually supported your health and weight loss efforts while being delicious enough to fulfill your sweet cravings? Now there is!

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Have you noticed the shift taking place in the weight loss market?  As more Americans are striving to eat healthier, the number who report being on diets is declining, while the trend towards DIY (do it yourself) weight loss regimens is rapidly rising.  Despite this positive shift away from calorie restricted dieting, 34% of adult Americans are still suffering with obesity.  So why is this trend continuing?  If you're embarking on a DIY weight loss plan, whether it be Paleo, Keto, Whole30, etc, but are still struggling to see results, contact me to discuss what individualized details might be missing for you to experience sustainable improvements.

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