According to the latest 2015-2020 USDA dietary guidelines, the Standard American Diet (SAD) should consist of 45-65% carbohydrate and less than 10% of our daily intake should come from added sugars. For example, if you are consuming roughly 1700 calories/day, you could consume up to 1105 calories of your day in carbs (276 grams) and 170 calories in added sugar (43 grams). Now if most of those 1100 calories were from high fiber vegetables, some fruit and a moderate amount of high fiber, low processed carbohydrates like beans and legumes, Americans would not be suffering from obesity, allergies and autoimmune conditions at unprecedented rates. Unfortunately however, our current diet is hindering our health and shortening our lifespan.

Humans did not evolve eating grains, gluten and refined, processed sugars. Unlike cows, sheep and deer, humans are not ruminants (herbivorous mammals that chew cud and have a 3-4 chambered stomach) and as a result we are not equipped to digest grasses and grains without extensive processing of these food stuffs.  As a result, despite us lucky ones who do not feel symptoms of inflammation and poor digestion, an inflammatory response and often times, leaky gut occurs each time we eat these foods. 

Dr. William Davis, leading cardiologist and author of “Wheat Belly” and “Wheat Belly 10 Day Grain Detox” explains this clearly in his blog, “What Cows Got That You Ain’t Got”

Over the past 5 years, my clinical experience with the broad spectrum of wheat and gluten intolerance, increased rates of autoimmune conditions and obesity have inspired me to alter my nutrition perspective regarding what we should be eating on a daily basis. One of my primary goals has now morphed into recommending that all of my clients, family and friends work toward drastically reducing or eliminating gluten, grains and refined sugar from their diet. I've also incorporated dietary protocols such as intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets into my practice, with increasing success.

In order to make this lifelong, dietary shift easier for all, this year I’ve stepped beyond my comfort zone of educating on the topic of anti-inflammatory and low carb eating by dabbling in the grain-free baking realm. I knew that in order to inspire my clients and loved ones to transition into reducing inflammation from their dietary choices, I had to walk-the-walk myself.  Sure, the market is saturated with gluten-free products, but tasty, gluten and grain-free, low sugar treats are still a rarity on grocery store shelves.

So after a few months of recipe development and plenty of taste testing, JubileeBites, vanilla keto-friendly, anytime cookies were born.

Made from almond flour, coconut sugar and only 5 other ingredients, these crispy, rich-flavored cookies are now a nightly treat in our house and clients are ordering them by the dozen. With only 2 grams of sugar and 3 grams of carbohydrate, they can be enjoyed anytime of day, without raising insulin or triggering an inflammatory response. They fit into Keto and Paleo diets as well.

They are a versatile treat-like food that does no harm!  They are delicious with your favorite warm beverage in the morning, amazing topped with a dollop of nut butter (peanut butter is my fave) and/or jam.  For a real sweet treat effect, pair them with So Delicious coco whip or your favorite non-dairy frozen dessert.

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